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Mazda rx8 chip tuning

No matter what your goals are - increased horsepower, better fuel economy or engine performance analysis, VersaTuner offers a rich set of unique and powerful features with an attractive and easy to use graphical interface.

Safely reflash remap your ECU using one of the included standard tunes to get a dyno proven increase in horsepower and torque, or use the built-in tune editor to create a fully custom tune that is optimized for your car and your specific performance modifications. Use the virtual dashboard for live monitoring of vital engine parameters. Record the logs and analyze them later. Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes from many modules.

Add features to your car that the manufacturer forgot to include, such as launch control and no lift shifting with MegaSpool, torque limit SWAS disabling or ability to tune for high loads and RPMs.

The factory calibration of the ECU will be altered to provide more power and torque or better fuel economy. It only takes a couple of minutes. Enjoy the new feel of your car. You can disconnect the cables, the tune will remain in the flash memory of the ECU.

mazda rx8 chip tuning

Online tune database with different prebuilt performance and special tunes accessible right from the app. Any tune can be flashed or downloaded for editing. A wizard guides you through the flashing process step by step, pointing out how to safely reflash your ECU. A virtual dashboard lets you monitor and record up to 16 Mazda specific parameters simultaneously. Set up alerts to be notified when you exceed safe limits.

View and analyze recorded logs using a built in high performance log viewer or export them to CSV. Create custom tunes or edit existing ones with the help of the tune editor. Includes productivity features like change tracking, tune comparison, visualization, etc.

Table descriptions can be automatically translated to a language of your choice. Tune customizer allows you to add special features to your tunes, such as launch control and no lift shifting, smooth shift or SWAS torque limiter disabling.

mazda rx8 chip tuning

Thousands of standard and Mazda-specific DTCs are recognized. The user interface is optimized to be easy to understand and use by novice users.

Guides and wizards lead the way through important steps. Advanced users will appreciate productivity features like deep customization and keyboard shortcuts.My Chiptuning files specialise in Chiptuning petrol and diesel engines for improved performance and fuel efficiency. We have years of experience tuning Mazda engines to optimise for performance and efficiency. This engine software is largely responsible for the behaviour of the Mazda RX-8 1.

We can optimise the ECU for any car, van, truck or tractor. In the case of the Mazda RX-8 1. By optimising the torque curve the Mazda RX-8 1. This also means that you can change gear earlier, so your Mazda engine will run at lower revs and therefore more efficiently.

Many engine Chiptuning companies all over the world choose My Chiptuning files to tune their Mazda engine. Our Mazda RX-8 1.

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Select your tuning file:. Choose your brand. Select your model. Select your engine. Remaps available: Stage 1.

Engine Chiptuning for Mazda RX-8 1. The benefits In the case of the Mazda RX-8 1. Stay tuned! Receive the latest updates, promotions, new offers and exclusive files.

Email address. Recently Ordered These Chiptuning files have recently been downloaded. Audi - Audi A1 1. Car Tuning stage 2 Audi - Audi Q5 3.

Car Tuning stage 2 Ford - Ford Ranger 3. Car Tuning stage 1 Volkswagen - Volkswagen Passat 2. Most popular brands: View all brands. This website uses cookies.Choose a generation of Mazda RX-8 from the list below to check how much power and torque of your car can increase. We offer only tested solutions based on measurement data from the dynamometer. Improve your car's performance, engine power and torque thanks to our chiptuning files for Mazda RX All files available in TC Performance are custom made by experienced engineers, programmers and tuners and tested on two Dyno Project dynamometers 4x4.

Increasing the power of Mazda RX-8 is done by remapping car engine. There are no worries about compatibility or unstable engine operation.

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Mazda is a car susceptible to ECU tuning. Our experience and knowledge about modifications and the results of our work are confirmed by the diagrams obtained on a professional chassis dynamometer 4x4. Car testing results before and after increasing the power, show real benefits of chiptuning Mazda RX All around the World tuners, dealers, car workshops and enthusiasts of modifying their vehicles have trusted our Chip Tuning File Service.

Join to them and buy our Files. Login Register. Please choose a year. We Guarantee. Any Questions? High quality, safe and dyno tested tuning files. Professional and fast support on every stage of work. Remapped files in reasonable price.A 60 second plug-n-play install is all it takes to increase the performance and mileage of your vehicle.

The tuning improves the timing and boost pressure if your engine appliesall while maintaining the vehicle warranty. The performance chip easily unplugs for emission testing and diagnostic work.

No modifications are required for your performance chip to work on your vehicle. If you ever wish to return to your vehicle to stock form, simply unplug the performance chip from the OBD2 port, and the factory ECU will resume with the original fuel map. Keep an eye out for vehicle performance products offering impossible numbers with just a resistor.

RX-8 MazdaEdit Install and Tuning Prep

Our Mazda Performance Chips combine the feel of a more powerful engine, with the economy of a small motor. The performance chip loads new, pre-tuned and motor-specific fuel maps onto your ECU, improving throttle response and overall performance for your Mazda. Does your Mazda have aftermarket modifications? Not a problem with this ECU Tuning solution. Chip Your Car Performance Chips will adapt to your modifications and provide the tuning necessary for your specific vehicle.

All tunes are dyno and road tested to ensure optimal results. If the vehicle is turbo or supercharged the chip will also increase boost pressure.

The chip simply plugs into the obd2 diagnostic port typically located under the dashboard on the drivers side. Total installation time is typically 60 seconds or less for one of our Performance Chip.

No mechanical experience or special tools are required.

mazda rx8 chip tuning

Technical support is available at Yes, in fact, performance chips are considered safer than factory chips. Performance Chips improve the existing factory fuel map, thereby improving the efficiency of your vehicle. Your performance chip will start working immediately after installation. While a loss of any vehicle warranty has never happened as a result of the installation of one of our performance chip products, Chipyourcar. You should remove the module prior to service to avoid any potential issues or misunderstandings with the dealer, and to protect your warranty.VersaTuner has been carefully designed to be easy to understand for first time users and at the same time allows experienced tuners to work efficiently.

All features are accessible from one Windows app with a sleek and modern user interface. Guides and wizards lead you through the important processes. The UI is optimized both for touch-based use on tablets as well as laptops and desktop PCs. No wires need to be spliced and all built-in safety features of the ECU are retained.

It uses the same flashing methods that are used by dealerships when updating your ECU. Built in recovery feature can flash the ECU even in the unlikely event of power failure. Your stock calibration is backed up, so you can go back to stock at any time.

A growing selection of prebuilt Gen 1 Mazda RX-8 tunes is available right from the app. If you have a stock or mildly modified vehicle, flash a suitable tune with a couple of clicks and enjoy.

All our tunes can be downloaded and edited and serve as a great starting point for custom or high power tunes. With our prebuilt tunes, Gen 1 Mazda RX-8 tuning has never been easier! VersaTuner includes an advanced tune editor allowing you to edit a multitude of tables, maps and constants and customize existing or create custom tunes for your Gen 1 Mazda RX Virtual dashboard allows you to view and record all the vital engine parameters simultaneously.

Analyze recorded logs later using a graphical log viewer or export them to Excel or Virtual Dyno. A vast number of standard and Mazda-specific DTCs is supported. VersaTuner allows you to safely and easily increase the horsepower and torque of your engine.

On modern cars, upgrading parts alone will not have a significant effect unless accompanied by changes in ECU tuning. VersaTuner allows you to realize the full potential of your mods. Update the tune easily as you add new parts in the future. Perfect launches have never been easier. VersaTuner limits the launch RPMs so that the only thing you need to worry about is releasing the clutch at the right moment.

With no lift shifting, you can go through gears without releasing the accelerator and loosing boost. All settings are fully adjustable! VersaTuner allows you to edit the axis values of tuning tables, so you can precisely control the engine even at higher than stock loads or RPMs.

It can also automatically interpolate the table values so that engine operation at normal loads remains unchanged. All this allows you to create robust and accurate tunes for turbocharged or supercharged Mazda RX-8 vehicles.

Unlike some other tuning tools, VersaTuner can reflash the ECU without incrementing the flash counter. Have you disabled or removed certain features from the car for track use and now have the check engine light MIL constantly on? With VersaTuner you can disable specific diagnostic trouble codes and have a clean dashboard that will only warn you when a real issue occurs. Anti-theft tune will prevent the car from starting and keep the intruder confused, offering you peace of mind when you need to leave the car for a long time.

Valet tune significantly reduces the power and speed of the car and is perfect for those situations when someone needs to borrow your precious vehicle.Mazda had great success with the RX7 and proved that a rotary engined car can be fun to drive. The successor came in the form the lovely RX8. It was leaps and bounds better than the RX7 in many respects. The angular lines, edgy design and interior trim all won the hearts of RX8 around the world.

Tuning the RX8 rotary engine is considered difficult by some but there are a few options that can transform the RX8 performance. Bear in mind that these come from the factory in a pretty highly tuned state, so end user improvements are smaller than they would be on a run of the mill production car where little attention has been made to tuning them up.

The benefits of a rotary engine include the ability to provide high rpm tolerances and a silky smooth power delivery. Problems though include a lack of low down torque at low RPM but when driven correctly these cars have a lot to give. Standard power figures of around bhp from a cc engine really pushes the envelope of what is possible. Your RX8 tuning should start off with some improvements to the handling and brakes. A big brake conversion kit will really pay dividends and give a progressive brake feel.

The car can be lowered around 35 mm. We would recommend adjustable suspension so you can set the damping and spring rates to suit your driver preference. The engines need to be properly looked after and serviced regularly. Do not let the unusual rotary engine put you off. These are much better than early rotary engines and are every bit as flexible and reliable as a reciprocating piston setup.

The RX8 is just crying out for a turbo conversion and this is probably one of the few "bolt on" options although it can prove expensive. A turbo will raise the standard power to around bhp! Sadly in the real world there is a lot more to it than just bolting on a turbo. A whole host of other components will need uprating and strengthening and the mapping will need to be spot on.

The 4 port engines are more suited to turbo charging than the 6 port ones but both conversions require a lot of work and planning and we would not recommend undertaking this unless you have obtained a full kit and have facilities to set up and create a custom map. The intercooler can suffer from heat soak on long runs so channeling lots of fresh air through this will pay dividends. Power can also be increased with the addition of a larger turbo or a turbo with higher performing internals a hybrid.

Engine heat build up is a massive problem when adding forced induction and a larger oil pan and even an oil cooler will help address this issue. It would also pay to get the exhaust down pipes coated or wrapped to contain the heat. Further engine cooling mods will include an uprated water pump and thermostat, and use of a synthetic water cooler additive with some high performance silicone hoses to avoid leaks from higher pressures.

We have looked remaps for the RX8 and sport chips without much success.

RX8 Tuning Tips

Hopefully RX8 remaps will become available. This allows you to fine tune the timing and fuel delivery for the maximum power gain and this will also allow you to factor in any other mods you have done. Porting the Renesis engines, if done properly, can have a big impact on the power delivery and torque curve. This is not a simple job though and is only really worth doing if you are already stripping down and rebuilding the engine. Lapping the flat housings and adding high quality ceramic seals are considered important mods here, and dynamic engine balancing will also help you reach higher power gains retaining reliability.

A sports exhaust and induction kit can help provide power gains a little, but in the opinion of TorqueCars members, the standard setup is pretty good and gains are only noticeable high up in the RPM rev range. There are not many bhp NASP 1. Perhaps this dream may become a reality one day but for now I guess we have to stick with petrol!Once you start seeing improvement in yourself, it makes you even more determined to work for what you want.

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Mazda Performance Chips

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